Taikai Con 2016

First and foremost, I would like to say my biggest regret from the convention is that I didn’t take more pictures.  I’m really upset with myself that I was unable to get up the nerve to go around and take more pictures.  I only have four pictures.  FOUR.  I had every intention to go around and take pictures of all the awesome cosplayers as well as the vendors and artists, but when it came down to it I just wasn’t able to muster up the courage.  Everybody there was just so awesome and so nice, there really was no reason for me to break out of my shell and just do it.  Anyway, that’s enough woeful lamenting from me.  Next time… next time.

On a positive note, the convention itself was fabulous!  Bare with me here as I try to get all of my thoughts out collectively and in some sort of organized manner.


I really liked this convention hall.  It was really nice and open, but small, and perfect for a first time, little convention like this.  I’m not sure what the final attendance count was, but I know that all the vendors were filled and most of the artist alley tables were filled.  There was a little bit of confusion at the start in regards to our application and where we would be go, but the coordinators were very nice and worked with us to fit us in.  We really appreciated that.  They said that some artists had to drop out so there was going to be some extra space in the artist alley which we graciously took.  As an artist who works with my husband selling toys, I never get to setup in the artist alley so I was pretty excited to be around other artists.


My husband sitting on his stool.  His stool also lost two screws that day… I’m surprised it didn’t collapse underneath him >_<

I think the only downside to this convention hall is that it would be really hot if the sun were out.  We were fortunate that day that it was cloudy out, so the theater was really nice and cool.  I did really like the big windows and all the natural light.  It was awesome for taking pictures.  Maybe next year I’ll suggest to set up a “photo area” where all cosplayers can go and get their photo taken.  It would be neat if there was just a nice back drop set up that anybody could use for pics and it would be free for anybody to use.


This super cute lolita dress was to die for!  I can’t remember if she was cosplaying a character in particular, or if she was just wearing a cute outfit.  Either way, I loved it and we got to sit around and chat a bit about “Whose Line is it Anyway?” 


For the first time I worked up the nerve to actually chase down a cosplayer to take a picture, lol.  I’m a HUGE Miku fan and her cosplay was just spot on!   I really wish I would have taken more pictures.


Figure storm did really well, considering the small attendance.  My artwork was very well received and I was so happy to have sold the prints that I did.  I feel so super motivated to pursue my passion of art!  I’m right now mapping out the costs that will be needed for a whole run of new prints for Senshicon.

Figure Storm made enough money to buy a booth at Bear Paw!  That was our goal for the convention and we are super happy that we met it.  We are just one step closer now to opening up a true brick and mortar shop.  It’s just going to take a lot of baby steps and a lot of support from our family, friends, and customers.   We really couldn’t even dream of pushing forward without all the help.

The convention was really great for making connections and networking.  After we took down our setup we were able to sit down and really talk with some the coordinators and volunteers.  It was nice to sit and socialize, which is something we don’t really get to do at bigger conventions.


My highlight of the convention was being in artist alley.  It was so nice to sit down and talk with other local artists.  All the artists around are so great at what they do and just so passionate and friendly.  This was one of the first times that I really had a chance to sit down and enjoy the company of other artists.  One of my best memories was having a couple of artists sit down at an empty table that was next to ours and I got to look through another artist’s sketchbook, as well as just getting to sit and chat about art.  It’s not something I’ve ever gotten to do with anybody (except my brother in law) so that was a real special treat for me.

After we packed up from the convention we also had a chance to go through and purchase from all the artists, which is a goal I’ve been wanting to accomplish at every convention.  I want to start a collection of art from Artist Alley, and I’m so so so happy to have finally had a chance to start.


Loot pic!!  OMG look at all this awesome stuff!  

I can’t even reiterate enough how awesome the artists there were.  I’m bummed though, there was another artist that had packed up before I had a chance to purchase anything.  I guess that’s my loss though for not going through and purchasing something earlier >_<.

I was able to get a lot of contact info from the artists, so hopefully I can find all of you on social media websites.  I definitely want to keep up with local artists around here.  One day when our store opens, one of my dreams is to put a lot of time and energy into volunteering to help local artists.  I’m not sure how we will help yet, but I’m hoping that we can do community events to help artists get more recognition.


My overall feelings about the convention are good.  I think in all my years doing cons, this has been my overall favorite so far.  It really goes to show that it’s not the size of the convention that matters, but the people.  Now, I do not have any sort of opinions on the panels or events that played out, but that’s because as a vendor I don’t ever get to participate in those.  Hopefully somebody else can put in their two cents about those.

I want to give a huge shout out and thanks to all the coordinators and volunteers who put this convention together!  You guys are the blood and sweat of our geek culture here in Alaska!

Thanks for reading!  I really look forward to next year’s Taikai con.


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