Sylvanian Families Candy Cart and Fruit Cart


Sylvanian Families Fruit Cart and Candy Cart

Today I will be unboxing and reviewing these two Sylvanian Families sets that I picked up when I bought the Cake Shop.   These looked like the perfect little additions that I could put into the town square portion of my village.  The other neat thing with these sets is that they can be hooked together, and they are even compatible with the hot dog stand that was released recently (which I now wish I would have picked up.)


Here is a look at everything that comes with the candy wagon.

As with every other Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters set, some assembly is required.  I laid out everything in the box so you can see how much assembly is needed with this set.  There are quite a few stickers that need to be placed onto the cart as well as a couple of boxes that need to be built.  The lollipops also come on sprus.


The candy wagon all assembled!

I think this one took me about 15 minutes from start to finish.  It really wasn’t that bad!  I love all the little details in it and I love the color palette.  Also, the little candies in the clear plastic containers is such a nice touch.  Each one is in a small drawer that comes out.  Both sides of the cart look pretty much the same (aside from one being the backside so it won’t have any labels).


Next up, the fruit wagon!  Stickers and lots of sprus.

The fruit wagon also only took me between 10 – 15 minutes to setup.  The sprus cut really clean, so there is no clean up work required after they are cut.  I did however, run into one small problem…



Sorry, that’s my perfectionism coming out.  I was irrationally irritated that there were leftover stickers with no place to put them.  You could technically put them wherever you want… but I only like to put stickers in their specific place so I just tossed out the leftovers.



Front and back of the fruit wagon.  Also, in this picture all of the fruits are packed up and ready to travel!

I really like how the fruit cart can have everything packed up into it and all the crates have a space to fit in.  That’s a really nice feature.


The two wagons hooked together.

Another neat feature is that the wagons can hook together.  There was also a popcorn wagon and well as the hot dog wagon that you could have all hooked together in a long train.  I really like how it would give any village a “Saturday Market” sort of feel to it.


Cu-Poche Madoka pushing the cart.

This will give you an idea how a Cu-Poche looks in comparison next to the cart.  I only managed to get some pictures of my Cu-poche and one of my nendoroids next to the cart.  I don’t think Figma or any 1/12th scaled figure would look very good with these.  They can make good back drops for that size of figure, but other than that the figures would be too tall.


Nagisa heard there was candy!




You’re gonna have to sign a contract for that lollipop…


Nagisa Nendoroid comparison to the candy cart.

Overall, I feel these two sets are totally worth it!  I’m really hoping that these will come over to Calico Critters since I think I might have missed my chance to order the other carts via Sylvanian Families.  I’m really excited to have these set up in my town to use in the background for pics as well as for character interactions.  All of these little sets really help add to my town and help it feel more busy.

Thanks for reading!  Tune in next time for some more Digimon pictures as well as a full review on the Digimon Digicolle Pack 1!


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