Matrix Monster Kary Cat


I have been waiting for these guys to come in since January when I found out about the Matrix Monster line!

For those of you who don’t know, these are pretty much chibi mech versions of Monster Hunter characters. The first in this series was the Fiery Dragon aka Rathalos, I may do a review on him later but for the time I’m trying to keep up to date instead of playing catch up.


Anyway, this Cat comes with a decent amount of accessories for the size and cost. The “Fish on a Fork” mace is pretty fun, and the fish does come off! Watch out for paint transfer from the fish to the fork though. The Cat Paw mace was a limited release for pre-ordering the Cats, so I ended up getting three of them, because I got three Cats. The last two pieces are a shield and a bib that functions as chest armor.


The detail and paint on the outside of these is very simplistic and gets the point across. It’s not a bad thing though, the simple design feels very natural and fun, very at home for a 3in figure. The range of movement is limited due to his small limbs, but it doesn’t stop him from getting into a lot of nice poses.The eyes are also one a roller so that he can change expressions!

His accessories also tend to hinder the movement even more, but you can get it to work.



Now, that’s all well and good, and these are great little cute robots, but let’s see what’s under the shell…


These figures have a great skeleton underneath their outer shell. This allows for a number of armor options in the future, there are actually a couple out already, though I have no access to them really, or anyone outside of China for that matter. It really is too bad because these are nice figures, it would be great to be able to expand on them.


The Cats themselves look a bit unsettling once you get their shells off, a sort of robotic skeleton being revealed.

Once you remove everything, you get a look at what’s under the helm as well.

There is an impressive amount of detail to be found here, it really is a nice contrast to the sleek outer shells. It makes them feel very robotic, almost alien. The limbs do not have any sort of skeleton form, just the normal ones to be had.

When you get a couple of them together, they really shine.


They look great together, the more the merrier. Honestly, I have considered picking up one or two more but have held off so far since I don’t know if I’ll be able to get any of the additional armor sets.

They look great with the Fiery Dragon from Matrix Monster as well. It’s all very coherent and they look like they’re from the same world, which is really nice.




They are definitely worth picking up, especially for the price. I used Taobao to get mine and had to go through a middle man, I think at the end of it all they cost me between $20-30 a piece, which really isn’t too bad for what you get and how fun they are.

They would be even more enjoyable if I could figure out how to get the armor sets, but I guess that will just be an adventure of its own.



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