Action Toys MR-03 Eagle Robo Review (Machine Robo)


So here’s my second Machine Robo figure and the second review for them! This one plays out a lot like the first. What it does, it does well.


He’s pretty skimpy on accessories as well, the stand is there to make up for it though.


This is essentially what you get, his detailing is very nice. Not much in the way of paint apps, but it passes. He definitely doesn’t lack character.

He does lack some articulation though, this is about how far his knee will bend without mis-transforming him.



This is what you get with a bit of mis-transformation, so he isn’t completely out in the cold, it just looks odd.

His feet are something else too.


The jet form’s fins actually come down further than his feet, so he can’t stand flat footed. The feet are also diecast on a plastic hinge, which is very scary to me, especially with how tight his ankle joint was at first.


The cockpit also just kind of flops on his back, it’s pretty loose and doesn’t peg in anywhere in bot mode. I feel like with increased use that it could become very loose.

The lower leg also has this tab, supposedly to keep it in place. The problem is that it doesn’t actually make contact, so it never serves its purpose. It’s fine for now because the joint is tight, but with increased transforming it could become very loose.


And his double jointed elbow can make his arm look skinny and weird at the wrong angles to boot.


But who cares? Right? It’s a bunch of engineering flaws and nuances that are just nitpicking hindrances on an otherwise great design.


His weapon is completely partsformed, so it’s a hit-or-miss scenario. It looks great in his hands.

It just doesn’t quite fit together. squeezing one end opens the other, and vice-versa. It works in the end, but it can be a bit fiddly and falls apart easily when he isn’t holding it.


Jet mode is great in my opinion. It doesn’t feel quite like a robot under a plane as long as you don’t look directly at the bottom, so that’s a great thing since this isn’t even Macross.


The transformation is pretty fun, it’s involved but not so complicated that it’s a pain. There are tons of tabs and it goes together very solidly. The tabs release easily though, so I’m not afraid of breakage when it comes to those. One thing though…


The gun comes apart and attaches to the bottom of the plane, which is cool. What isn’t cool is the fact that this piece was in so tight that pulling it out felt like ripping my fingernails off. I was honestly thinking that I was going to snap the handle piece off the gun and need to call for a replacement. It did give eventually though, just be careful.

Eagle also sports the same stand setup that Drill did.


So, the verdict? It’s a pretty middle-of-the-road figure. There are a lot of great design ideas and detailing that ultimately ends up becoming hindered by awkward engineering choices. He is limited in movement, though not enough to stop most people that want him from getting him. I guess I expected more from this designer.

At the end of the day, this one is going back to market as well. He’s great, just not great for me.






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