Cu-Poche Belle and Belle Extra Faces


The last little bit of last month’s haul as well as a little something I picked up at a local boutique shop.

Aside from the shirt and the mouse pad that I got in last month’s haul, these are the last new items that I have to review and take photos of.  I really wanted to try and experiment with some more of the Sylvanian Families’ clothing on Cu-Poche bodies.  I figured Belle would be another good candidate to experiment on considering the outfit she comes with is pretty lack luster.


Belle and her accessories.

She comes with the standard set of hands, a magnetic hair accessory, a Cu-Poche bag, and that horrible, mustard colored stand.  The color wasn’t that bad at first, but the more I look at it, the more I cannot stand it.  I think they were trying to go for a pastel, but it just looks like dog puke.  I’m so happy that I have a ton of extra stands so I don’t ever have to use it again.


Cu-Poche Extra face and hair parts.

The extra face parts are really neat.  There is an actual full head that it comes with that the pony tail attaches into.  You can choose either the scrunchy or the bow to accessorize her pony tail.  Her front hair piece is also different than the one that comes with the original Belle figure.


Swapping the front hair pieces from the two sets.  One of them (I can’t remember which) was having a little bit more difficulty pushing together compared to the other, but in the end I was able to make them work.


Belle wearing the Poodle girl’s dress.

I find that the young animal clothing from Sylvanian Families can be really hit or miss.  This one looks like a really cute shirt, and I’m happy that Belle came with shorts, otherwise I think the dress would have been a bit too short.  I did find that the top of this dress was way too wide to fit her shoulders.  I’m too lazy to actually go in and modify the dress, but I think it would be pretty easy to alter the top to fit.  I just use a pin…


I should really invest in smaller pins…


Belle trying out the ice skating set, but she doesn’t know how to ice skate…

The ice skating set was a total win!  The dress ended up fitting perfectly, and because of the type of fabric it is made out of, the velcro can actually stick to the fabric and doesn’t have to rely on the other small strip of velcro.  The neckline on this dress works out really well too.  If you ever see the neckline, it actually falls right on the shoulders like one of those “sexy off the shoulders” sweaters.  Anyway, it looks cute.  The ice skates are a bit big.  But visually they fit, so it would be easy enough to keep them on with a bit of blue tack or even just taking a little bit of tissue paper and stuffing it in the top to keep them from falling off.


Apparently her dress attracts string… >_<


The best part of the Sylvanian Family ice skating set is that it came with TWO dresses!  And one of them is pink!


They really look cute together.


Playing Peak-a-Boo inside the cup holder? that I found at the boutique.




I just love how they match together with these dresses.  I’m also glad that these are options for clothing for these two.  I’m really curious to see what else from Sylvanian Families will work for clothes!

This looks to be one of the last reviews that I will have until our monthly haul comes in.  I’m hoping to maybe get a photo shoot in before that if I can pull myself away from Overwatch long enough…

Thanks for reading!  :3


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  1. Holly says:

    Thank you so much for making this post! I’ve been trying to find other options of clothing for my Cu-Poches and I’m going to be hunting for those dresses now!


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