Action Toys MR-04 Battle Robo Review (Machine Robo)


So this is the 3rd review for the newly released Mahcine Robo figures by Action Toys, Battle Robo! I didn’t mean to, but this is the last I have and by far the best. He feels heavier than the previous two, which works for and against him in the end.


He sports a great looking blue and has a ton of detail, just like the other two I have reviewed. The detail, not the blue. The paint apps are sparse once again but get the job done. I’m not too fond of the red and yellow, but that is in keeping with the original, so what can you do.

When it comes to articulation, Battle Robo has it all, and that is a very welcome change from the other two!


I really enjoyed the fact that his thighs are hollow for once as they have some nice detail inside there.


His articulation doesn’t feel awkward for the most part. His legs are a bit back heavy because of the treads, this makes balancing him a bit of a pain. The only real limit to his articulation is his bicep swivel. Once you have it up past a certain point, his shoulder armor prevents it from turning. Those are the only real nitpicks here. I was very happy to see that his wrists are articulated, as well as having decent ankle articulation. I didn’t think his head would move at all, but it does! I was very happy about that. The bottoms of his feet are angled, supporting an “A” stance.


The accessory count is once again limited, though he does make up for it a bit with the stand that he comes with, same as the others. The weapon serves as his main gun in vehicle mode, you can also use it like a club…


…or be boring and use it as intended.


It fits him very well and it doesn’t feel like he needs much else, not that he couldn’t use it, he just doesn’t need it. There are peg holes on his wrists, those are unfortunately 4mm holes, so common 5mm Transformer weapons will not fit. Too bad.



He has a couple other built in weapons though, his tail lights…


…and of course the cannons on his shoulders, if you want to be obvious. So he definitely isn’t a slump when it comes to armaments. (Muzzle Flash effects not included)

Next up is vehicle mode, which is nice and compact:



The transformation is very straightforward, like the last two. It’s simple and rewarding, tabbing together nicely but not so tightly that you hurt yourself trying to pry him out of it. The tank treads are on ball joints where they connect to him but do not have wheels of any sort on them, so he doesn’t roll at all.


So in the end, this ended up being the only Machine Robo figure that I will keep. The others were all very nice but just had too many issues for me to overlook and still be happy. Battle Robo is nearly perfect with great articulation and design work.

Looking back at the price more and more, I don’t know if I feel it’s really worth it though. It was about $155 shipped for all 3 and there’s a lot you could do with that sort of money. If you grew up with them, it’s worth it, if not, I feel that Battle Robo is the only one that comes close to the price point and value coming out even.




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  1. Where do you get your muzzle flash effects? Great photo set!


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