Re- Ment Petit Sample School Memories Review (Bokura no Koutei Memories)


So I thought I would do something a bit different and review a set that my wife normally would. It was actually a lot of fun and changed my whole perspective, at least when it comes to my Iron Factory figures.


The set itself is fairly straightforward. Unfortunately I can’t read Japanese, so a lot of the signs and bulletins are lost on me, I apologize if I use them incorrectly, and I probably do. I didn’t have a school, so I used them around my wife’s town in ways that seemed appropriate.

There’s a lot of really cool stuff that comes with this set, the one I was looking forward to the most was the garden.


“I don’t think I’ll be going to the spaghetti feed again, I need to watch my girlish figure…”


“I can’t believe Overlord tried to invite himself over just like that. Who does that?”


Stitch’s turn again!


Unfortunately they did not have the most recent issue of Cybertronian Complex that Sixgun was looking for.


Blitzwing tending his flowers outside the cake shop. He’s one of the groundskeepers for a nearby garden.


Taking a break to pet the Sakura Neko while Silverstreak perfects his Zen Garden and Ravage looks on…


Hooligans! The Graze brothers strike again!


All that’s left now is to rebuild…


Sakura Neko helps replant while the lovers enjoy a laugh in the background.


Laserbeak doesn’t play fair.


Fun in the town park!

Re-Ment sets rarely disappoint and this just furthers that stereotype. Almost everything here was usable and fun. I wasn’t sure how to use some of the items, but the ones I did use worked well, I thought. It was definitely a lot of fun setting up my Iron Factory figures in the town, I’ll definitely be doing it again sometime. I have a Re-Ment instrument set to review here soon, so expect more Iron Factory shenanigans with that!


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