Legends Scale General 001 (3rd Party Transformers)


This is the very first installment of Legends Scale General! Somewhat recently, my primary TF collection moved to the Legends Scale, I even went so far as to vendor my previous collection to afford the parts I was missing.

These photo sets will include characters from Iron Factory, Perfect Effect, Master Made, Matrix Monster and other companies that release similarly scaled figures, I know there’s an Alicon coming at some point, excited for that. I probably won’t be including anything by DX9 though, I just can’t get into their character designs.











I didn’t actually realize how many of those had Magnus in them until now… These were taken over the last month at different points, with my camera and my phone, so I guess it was just by chance then. There are a lot of figures I have left to use and new ones coming out soon, I’m looking at you Dynobots! You can count on there being another Legends Scale installment soon!

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