Nendoroid Kirby Review


Nendoroid Kirby!

Today I will be reviewing Nendoroid Kirby and to be honest at first I really didn’t think this guy would be making it into my collection.  We purchased him  with the intent to do a review and then sell him afterwards.  I was never a really big Kirby fanatic, and honestly most of what I know of him comes from Super Smash Brothers.  I’ve dabbled a little bit in some old Kirby games, but I never played fully through one so I figured that I wouldn’t really be that interested in Kirby.  My opinion quickly changed as soon as I took him out of the box.

IMG_0240 (3)

Kirby and all his extras.  3 extra faceplates that screw on, a hand to hold the items, two hats, multiple props and his stand.  There is also a little plastic holder that was keeping Kirby into place while in the package.  I threw it out afterwards.

One of the first things that I was very impressed with when I took him out was the way he felt.  The plastic almost feels like a soft velvet.  It’s just a really soft, rubbery sort of plastic.  The next thing that made me immediately fall in love with him are his magnetic hands and feet.  Magnets on figures can be soooo fun!  It opens up so many possibilities and it makes pose changes seamless!  Now I understand that he is one of only figures that can benefit from this sort of setup with the magnets, but that’s what makes him unique and is what is making me keep him in my collection.  Even if I’m not a big fan of the game or characters, his nendoroid is just so unique and fun to play with that I have to keep him around.

IMG_0244 (3)

No Kirby!  Not the candy!

Changing his faceplates is really easy.  His body unscrews in the middle and you just screw on the face you want.  He’s probably one of the easiest Nendoroids to change.  The only problem I ran into a bit is that his hands and feet can be a little bit difficult to pull off if you don’t have long nails to break the seal.

IMG_0246 (2)

It’s gone!  It’s all gone…!

One of the things I did find difficult with him was trying to get him to have that “floating” appearance in pictures.  He is a pretty heavy figure, so trying to get him to “float” on his stand and then have him far enough away from his stand so the stand wasn’t in the picture was a bit of a challenge.  For anybody that just wants him to be displayed on their shelf, this won’t be a problem at all.


Stitch isn’t giving Kirby a ride!  We probably shouldn’t tell him that he won’t fit anyway…

He is really easy to balance when he’s on the ground.  His multiple face plates give him a good variety of expressions for many situations.  I still can’t say enough about his magnetic hands and feet.  They are just so much fun.  I really think it’s something that you would have to feel and mess around with to truly appreciate.



The “hats” that come with Kirby are really heavy.  If you try to move him at all with the hat on, it will slip off almost immediately.  However, if you position him how you want and then put the hat on last, the magnet is plenty to keep it in place.


Star wand!

IMG_0267 (2)

Ready to go on an adventure!

I think my favorite look for him is the generic elf hat and sword.  I’m not sure what the technical name is for the hat, but I think it looks great on him.  And he looks good wielding a sword.  Of course, the obvious to do with this is to pair him up with Nendoroid Majora’s Mask Link so it can look like he absorbed his powers.  I’m super excited to setup that photo shoot, even if it’s been done a billion times before.

Kirby is a nice stand alone character, but I did quickly run out of ideas for photos with him by himself.  I think he really shines when he can interact with other characters so he can really show off his antics.  Also, anybody that is trying to put together a Smash Brothers team will definitely benefit from adding this guy.  Aside from him being in every Smash Brothers (as far as I know, don’t quote me because I haven’t played any Smash Brothers past the Wii version) he comes with enough accessories that are used in the game as well to make him a must have for a Smash Brothers collection.

Overall, I really enjoy this Nendoroid.  Like I said previously, I had no intention on keeping him, but found my mind to be changed pretty quickly after fiddling around with him a bit.  I know he’s going to make an awesome addition to my town, since he’s easy to set up and place in the scenery and doesn’t look too out of place, especially when I place him with characters like Link and Marth (thank you Smash Bros).

Thanks for taking the time to read this review!  Next on my agenda is Nendoroid Majora’s Mask Link as well as Nendoroid Isabelle and Nendoroid Marth (not necessarily in this particular order) as well as some more Re-Ment sets.  My husband and I are also hoping to do our first cross post review of the new Zoids Aggressive that came out since we both have an interest in that figure and feel we both can bring different opinions to the table.


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