Planet X PX-07 Triton Review


So I got Triton in this last weekend and I have to say, he is just as much fun as I imagined. Also, you can call it/he/she whatever you want, it’s never actually stated one way or another in the comics, I guess that was a fan thing. Anyway…


Here he is! He is beefy. I don’t have Neptune, so I can’t accurately compare them, but Triton look larger than Neptune. I think it’s the shoulders and forearms being part of the massive tail transformation. He comes with almost enough accessories, I’ll touch on that more later.


There is so much nice detailing here, much like the Vulcan that I have. It looks very Cybertronian and fits that aesthetic perfectly. After this, I would no have minded a Slapper from Planet X but they seem to be moving on. There’s a nice bit of translucent plastic peppering his chest that really gets him to pop under the right lighting. Like Vulcan as well, the light piping in the head works like a charm, it picks up almost any light very well.

The articulation is very passable. Nothing over the top, but it works. I did run into a couple things that were bothersome while I messed with him though. I don’t know if Neptune had these problems, but when moving the arms, they often untabbed from the chest. This offered an increased range in motion, but the arms could not weight bear like that at all. The other nitpick that I have is the dinosaur head just kind of sits in his back. There aren’t any tabs or clips or anything to hold it in place firmly. He has a couple flaps but they don’t actually connect so it’s easy for them to get moved out of the way and then the head would flop out.


He has something of a double jointed elbow that helps him to achieve slightly more than 90 degrees in his arms. The upper joint was looser for me, so I made sure to use that as the secondary joint.


You can actually get his leg to go deeper than this if you want, I found out later. I just hadn’t properly broken in his ratchets just yet. Speaking of, each leg has four ratchet joints in them, very nice. The thigh swivel was the only joint that gave me trouble in the legs, at certain angles they had difficulty bearing his weight.

There’s no ankle tilt at all with this figure, but between the five joints in the upper leg and the fin spur, I was able to get him into some very nice poses.



So, Triton comes with a ton of accessories. Two large cannons, an Energo Lance and two small Energo Blades. The two smaller blades actually belong to PX-02 Caelus, Planet X taking into account fan’s desires and producing these for him so that he matches the other PX Dinobots. I also still need to pick up Caelus, and have less of a problem with it now that I have new blades in hand.


So these cannons are quite large and have a swivel hinge that allows you to switch between handles, one for holding in hand and the other for mounting on a 5mm peg hole.

Speaking of peg holes:


The flippers on Triton’s back have some! And they are perfect for gun mounting!


I honestly doubt that I will ever use the guns outside of this purpose, you can put them in Triton’s hands but they add so much presence when shoulder mounted that it is simply amazing.


They really help fill out that beefy munitions expert feel.

This is also one reason why I feel like he didn’t come with enough accessories as I said earlier, he’s missing something for his hands. Sure he has the Lance, which I will show in a bit, but he looks so much better with big guns.

I have him here with FP Severo’s Chain Guns and he looks very filled out with them, near perfect I would say.



Now only if he had peg holes on his lower legs so I could put some more weapons down there…


His Energo Lance is cool and very unique, though I found using it somewhat difficult as I felt it was counter to his character.


The translucent Energon parts are very nice and the detailing makes it look like an arm extension.


I guess you can never have too many weapons when it comes to crushing ‘cons.


Caelus’ Energo Blades look more like daggers when held by Triton, teeny weeny. The translucent plastic is nice, though there’s a bit of paint bleeding going on in some parts of them. I’m not really complaining though, since they are a strict bonus.


They look much better holstered, if still a bit small.


The alt mode by this point is self explanatory:


It has very minimal movement, the neck only swivels at the head base, the mouth opens and there’s a tiny tail waggle right at the end. The flippers move around enough to be effective, but don’t do anything crazy.


The light piping in the head is very effective, much like the bot head, at certain angles with good lighting.


Also, he is massive in Dino mode. Triton does more than enough to get the point across in his alt-mode, but doesn’t do anything amazing like Vulcan did. It’s very passable to me though, since he will be in bot mode outside of group shots.


Triton fits in great with the other Planet X Dinobots, or at least Vulcan since I don’t have the others yet. The color scheme goes very well, but looks different enough from Neptune’s to not be considered a straight rehash. There’s a lot of differences between them in design and color that I don’t think it will be awkward to have both.


Triton is a hair shorter than Vulcan, which I am okay with. He also feels wider and heftier, it a nice difference between them.


Visually, they don’t look out of place together, which is nice as well considering Triton is an original character in this style.


So this is one for my shelf, Triton will be staying here. I enjoy the FoC styling and plan to get the rest of the cast as well. While there were a couple draw backs, none of them were enough to stop me from having fun with Triton and really enjoying myself.

Now I just have to find him more guns.



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